Honey v1.0.0 Released

Hello, Robomotion community;

We are happy to announce that the Honey v1.0.0 version is released.

Admin Console New Features


We have released Robomotion Dashboard’s first version. Now you can manage your licenses, flows, robots, monitor your scheduled flows, jobs.


With the audit page, you can view the actions of users in your workspace. From flow publishing to update, anything you need about your flows can be monitored.


Robomotion API is available. Now you can create your own tokens to start using Robomotion API.
You can check the details on our documentation page.


With the Licenses page, you can manage your current licenses, request more robots and extend your licenses durations. All the details about Licenses can be found in our documentation.

Flow Designer New Features


Sub flows help you to divide your flows into smaller and reusable chunks. When your flow grows big and complex it will also become hard to follow, debug and update. Sub flows are great to solve this problem by allowing you to design your flows in a modular way. Read More

Flow Sharing

Now you are able to share your flows with the community, with your workspace or as a private link. Public shared flows can be found in our Fist page.

Context Menu

We are working hard to make our flow designer easy to use and userfriendly. With this update, now you are able to reach all of the available nodes with a right-click. You can search and pick nodes from the context menu.

Full Change Log

  • Minor bug fixes.