How to set up Microsoft Edge?

I’m trying to open Edge.

I downloaded the webdriver and placed the file msedgedriver.exe under C:\Users\moriy.

But when I run the Open Browser, it’s getting error.
Error msg:
failed to run command exec:“MicrosoftWebDriver.exe”: executable file not found in %Path%

May I know whatelse should I do to open Edge?

Microsoft Edge is not supported anymore, we will remove the select option in the next release. MicrosoftWebDriver.exe is an old version of this browser’s driver. You can try downloading it from Microsoft Edge WebDriver - Microsoft Edge Developer

and rename the downloaded .exe inside zip to MicrosoftWebDriver.exe and put the .exe into %LOCALAPPDATA%/Robomotion/bin then restart the robot and try again, but the driver parameters should have changed also, so it should not work.

We suggest Chrome for your automations.

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