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Hi to everyone, i’m trying to connect my workspace after dowloading and installing my robot but I’m having always the same problem as you can see from the screenshot: ERROR Connection failed: API connection error
someone has got an idea where the problem should be?

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Hello @ummeister,

Please try remark.robomotion.io for your Workspace without https:// at the beginning and / at the end.

I have the same thing happening with me. I have taken off the https:// at the start and the / at the end but still doesn’t look like it is wanting to connect. How did you go with your connection?


Can you ping this address, like

ping practical.robomotion.io
PING practical.robomotion.io ( 56(84) bytes of data.

Hi there,
I’ve got the exact same issue.
I tried adpgroup.robomotion.io with no success.
But pinging the URL does respond :

Can I see somewhere in the logs what request may be blocked ?


You can also try starting from the console with,

robomotion-deskbot connect -i your_email -w your_workspace.robomotion.io

Can you try with the latest version ( currently 1.18.0 ) from Downloads - Robomotion RPA.

Where we see this error is most of the time a wrong workspace like only writing your_workspace instead of your_workspace.robomotion.io or leaving some spaces somewhere. Or sometimes we see a TLS handshake timeout error which we increased in the last release.