Open a Google Sheet tab

When opening a Google Sheet does anyone know of a method of the selecting a particular tab in that sheet?
The Google link opens the first tab in the sheet. Even if using the full URL that contains the gid of that tab, it still writes to the default sheet.

Hi, Lance.

You should use Browser Automation nodes. First, use a Wait Node, waiting the desired tab (via xPath) to be available. After that, use a Click Node, selecting that tab (using the same xPath).

Hope that helps.

You can use Browser → Switch Window for tab switching.

Also we have a Google Sheets package that you can use, without creating a browser automation.

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Both great and workable ideas. Have yet to get either to work. @faik are you able to share the Google Sheets package please? That would be very interesting.

In Flow Designer Node Palette, click the package icon right next to search bar. You can right click and install the package into your workspace.

Ah - thank you, this was already installed.

Solved: Using the Google sheets package (as suggested to be installed), the ‘Switch Sheet’ function (with the sheet name) delivers exactly what I was after.