Reusing a flow project as a subflow in another flow project

I’m a programmer, but very new to Robomotion (congrats for the amazing work, btw).

I will create a series of web site interaction flows, each one in your own project. In all of then I will have to check if the user is logged in. So, I want to create a Log In flow as a project and use it inside all other flow projects that interacts with the same site.

There is a way to use a flow project as a subflow in another flow project?

PS1: if don’t, which is the “Robomotion best way” to reuse flows? I really want to avoid copy-paste solution (that could be a maintenance nightmare).

PS2: feel free to point any docs about best Robomotion “programming” practices.

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, currently, the only way is the copy-paste solution. But we have plans to add a Subflow library option in the future where a change in a subflow will be reflected everywhere it is used.

Thanks, @faik! I think it is a must have and a 0 priority one. I will check on GitHub if I can contribute somehow.