Would Robomotion be able to help for such use case?

Hey Robomotion-ers !

I am still newbie by Robomotion, to be honest. I have to deep dive and experiment further. But as of now, I am wondering if Robomotion could be use for such use case, that would be, well, AMAZING !

Use case:

  • I have an app that generate some html, css and JS files in a local folder.
  • I would need to move this folder in a github repository (drag and drop, or any other way such as API)
  • Once the code is in github, I would need to deploy the code using Netlify (drag and drop of the github repo in Netlify / new project from github)
  • And at the end, set a custom domain in Netlify for the new deployed site / app.

Not sure if the previous use case is clear. All of the steps can be done manually (excepted the generation of the code in the initial local folder).

If that’s achievable using Robomotion, it would be GOLD ! :slight_smile:

Many thanks if someone could provide feedback or guidance for this use case !
All the best


Hello Chris,

We use GitHub and netlify. Their already have integration and automation.But if you are talking about creating new repositories and adding them to netlify and deploy. Sure this can also be automated by using GitHub and Netlify API s. And you can call API s inside your flows.

If you haven’t already please join our Discord at https://community.robomotion.io.


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Hello Faik,

Yes, I joined RM Discord and asked the same question, and was provided with some answers. Thanks a lot !

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