Scheduled Flows not running

So I have created and tested two flows. They work as I want when in development. I have created “Working verions” and published them, without issues. I then scheduled a test for each one… I get no errors, but they don’t run. I have the assigned robot connected in the Robomotion desktop app, which I have left logged in and running… The schedule will show as upcoming in the dashboard, but then when the time comes, they just get removed from the dashboard and there is no indication anywhere of errors or that they ran… No log in the Robot’s log screen in the desktop app and no entries in the Jobs list in the Admin Console… What am I missing here?
Thank you

Ok, so it appears that in fact the flows will run - it’s that they are running an hour behind when I have scheduled them… How do I adjust the time zone for my Robomotion account? The time and time zones are correct on my PCs…?

What is your time zone?

You select a timezone while you are scheduling a flow.


Ok, so I realized where the Time Zone setting is, however, for my flows to run correctly at the time that I want, I have to set the time zone in the schedule to 1 hour ahead of my actual time zone… My PCs show the correct time and time zone, but Robomotion runs them 1 hour late if I set the timezone in the schedule correctly… So it seem like perhaps Robomotion has a problem with Daylight savings time perhaps?

What is the timezone you select?