Following an Example of a simple flow, getting an error, it shows the error in the robot log

I’m a beginner i set the example simple flow INJECT, DEBUG, STOP, I set the DELAY for 2 seconds. When I run it the robot log indicates this error:
2022-02-05T19:10:34-04:00 ERROR Failed to run flow: mkdir U:: The system cannot find the path specified.

Operating system Windows 10, I have a disk C, if I tried the command mkdir U:\ with cmd , indicates the system cannot find specified.

I do not know from where it is set to create such disk U and why. How should I proceed to be able to used ROBOMOTION RPA.

There is something wrong with your %HOMEDRIVE% and %HOMEPATH% variables.

It should look something like this


If you can fix these in your System Environment variables, robot should work.