Can I have bots on multiple machines?

Hi. Just confirming if I can have bots on multiple machines? Also, can i reassign a bot from say a VPS to my laptop?


Hi, @Joe! How are you?

I think it’s possible. You just have to install Robomotion client (and maybe the Chrome extension, if there is web access automation involved) on the another machine, deactivate the robot on the original machine and activate it in the new machine. And you can have it, let’s say, 2 robots in one machine and other 2 in another.


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Yes, you can run multiple robots on the same machine, or on different machines. But a robot can be connected from just 1 machine. So say your robot’s name is “Cool Edison”, “Cool Edison” can only be connected from 1 machine at the same time. If you try to connect it from another machine while it is already connected, it will be rejected.


Thank you! Will test